The Perfect World Foundation

The Perfect World Foundation is a non-profit organization working with wildlife and nature in crisis, around the world. By increasing knowledge and spreading awareness, our aim is to create courage and preconditions for change, one step at a time. Our clear mission is to save the world.


Upcoming Events 2021

8 September, 2021

Climate AID World Forum

During Climate AID World Forum, 8–9 September, climate change issues and climate solutions will be put to light during inspirational talks by various well-known speakers.

Announced closer to current dates
Announced closer to current dates
11 September, 2021

Climate AID Concert

Performances with song and music by well known national and international artists are interspersed with talks by well known environmental and business profiles.

Gothenburg Opera, Sweden
Announced closer to current date
9 September, 2021

TPWF Award Banquet

The Perfect World Award is 2021 awarded Prince Albert II of Monaco. The event includes Award Banquet with dinner and entertainment at Börsen in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Börsen, Gothenburg, Sweden
Announced closer to current date

The Perfect World Award

Every year The Perfect World Foundation awards a significant person who has contributed to the conservation of our natural world. This person has also, maybe most importantly, contributed to increase global awareness about the importance of protecting our planet and its wildlife, to ensure a sustainable future for all its inhabitants. Awarded conservationists are:

  • Prince Albert II of Monaco (2021)
  • Miss Greta Thunberg (2019)
  • Sir David Attenborough (2018)
  • Dr Sylvia Earle (2017)
  • Dr Richard Leakey (2016)
  • Dr Jane Goodall (2015)
  • Mr Mark Shand (2014)

Awareness and fundraising campaigns

Tree planting – the fight for a climate positive future
Corona AID – animals in crisis during the pandemic
The Blue Bucket – for plastic free and healthy oceans

Volunteer Travel with us!

With us, you can Volunteer Travel and get the chance to work closely to elephants, lions, rhinos, orangutans and lots of other animals, and participate in wildlife conservation projects around the world.

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