10 important years behind us. We now have 10 crucial years ahead of us

After working side by side for almost twenty years, Ragnhild and Lars Jacobsson still spend every day saving our planet’s animals and nature. Together, they create opportunities to save and spread awareness about animals and nature in crisis, and bring new innovative technologies to market. All with the goal of creating a sustainable future for our planet and our future generations.

It all started with the destiny of a little baby rhino
During a nearly 1,500 kilometer journey through Botswana and Zimbabwe, Ragnhild and Lars ended up at a rhino breeding center in eastern Zimbabwe, run by the Travers family. A few years before their visit, poachers had killed all the centre’s rhinos overnight in a bloody attack. Only the six-week-old rhino calf Tatenda, had managed to hide and survived. The Travers let the “little” rhino grow up in the protection of the family home, to keep him out of sight of poachers. The family explained how they had tried to raise money to rebuild the breeding center. Among other things, they had arranged barbecue evenings in the bush, that had rained out and arranged canoe trips on the river Zambezi, that no one showed up for. When Lars and Ragnhild heard all this, they looked at each other and said in joint conviction, “We will find a way to raise the money”.

A whole decade of important work
Our non-profit charity organization The Perfect World Foundation, was founded ten years ago by Lars and Ragnhild Jacobsson. The couple realized from the start that they needed all possible help and support to bring about real change for our planet’s animals and nature.

And to keep their promise to the Travers family, the new organization arranged Scandinavia’s first wildlife fundraising gala. With six months from idea to day D, 500 happy and generous guests had bought tickets to our “Save the Rhino” gala evening in Gothenburg, Sweden. Well known Swedish artists such as Martin Stenmarck, Mia Skäringer, Star For Life, Marie Picasso, Stefan Andersson and Jessica Folcker got involved and entertained during the evening… for free. A very special guest during the evening was the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria, and the world famous musician AVICII became our Save the Rhino Ambassador.

Extra special to us was the start of our honorary award ‘The Perfect World Award’, which the same year was awarded Mr Mark Shand. To our grief, Mark Shand died in an unexpected accident just weeks before the award ceremony, and the award was presented in honor of Mr Shand to his sister Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and his brother-in-law Prince Charles.

Since 2014, we have had the honor of presenting ‘The Perfect World Award’ to Dr Jane Goodall (2015), Dr Richard Leakey (2016), Dr Sylvia Earle (2017), Sir David Attenborough (2018), Greta Thunberg (2019) and in 2021, Prince Albert II of Monaco will receive the award.

A upcoming and crucial decade
We are now facing the countdown of the next ten years. A countdown to find the urgently needed solutions to put an end the uncontrolled extinction of our wildlife and the consumption of our planet’s natural resources, and to reverse the threatening change of our climate. All to save our planet – a paradise in crisis.

The plan for the coming decade has been named ‘The Final Countdown’. A name that may feel a little scary but… the plan is built on courage. We are moving forward with new strategies for a series of events and campaigns focusing on finding real and sustainable solutions to the acute situation our wildlife, nature and climate are facing, and transforming the coming decade into hope for our planet.

The founders of The Perfect World Foundation, Ragnhild and Lars Jacobsson