Become a Monthly Donor – The Perfect World Foundation


As a Monthly Donor GREEN, you contribute to our continued work to support wildlife rescue and conservation projects, around the world. Projects that also involve the local population on site through education and employment.

Your donation will also support our global tree planting projects which create wildlife habitats, provide food, improve air and water quality, and benefits both biodiversity and the climate.

Thanks for your support, now we can continue to fight for our planet’s animals and nature in crisis.


As a Month Donor BLUE, you support our Save the Ocean campaigns and activities to conserve our planet’s oceans and to protect sharks, dolphins, sea turtles, whales and other endangered inhabitants of marine ecosystems.

Your donation will also support our global projects and campaigns for plastic free and healthy oceans, and tree planting which counteract the acidification and heating of our oceans.

Thank you for your support, it makes all the difference in our work to save our oceans!