Drawing competition – The Perfect World Foundation

Drawing competition!
Your drawing becomes a plush animal.

Join our drawing competition! Draw a monkey or ape and take part in our competition to make your drawing into a real plush animal ... which you win!

Competition Rules

1. The competition is open to children up to 12 years old.
2. Your drawing must be coloured in.
3. No monkeys/Apes should be drawn with clothes, human accessories or perform human activities. Monkeys/Apes are not "humans" or pets and should live in the wild, not at home with us.

How do I participate in the competition?

1. Draw your drawing!
2. Photograph your drawing.
3. Post the picture of your drawing on Instagram and tag #plantatreeforme (plant a tree for me) so we can find your drawing and you can compete for the price of your own plush animal.

Competition Dates

1. The Competition Starts – 12 April , 2021
2. The Competition Closes – 12 July, 2021
3. The Winner will be Announced – 12 August, 2021

Join us in Saving the Rainforest – The Monkeys' and Apes' home!

Help us plant trees to save our planet's amazing rainforests. For $2 we can plant a tree, and you can participate and plant as many trees as you want.

Competition Entries!