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    "Our world is wonderful, please protect it!" - Sir David Attenborough

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    Dr Sylvia Earle – TPWF Award recipient 2017

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    Australian bushfires killed 30% of the indigenous koala population

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    Dr Jane Goodall – TPWF Award recipient 2015

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    African Elephants need 150–300 litres of fresh water a day, and are threatened by climate change droughts

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    Sir David Attenborough – TPWF Award recipient 2018

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    A global team of Ocean Cleaners #TheBlueBucket

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    The Arctic sea ice is melting faster and earlier every year, reducing the Polar Bear's hunting grounds

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    "Save the elephants, and then you save the forest - and then you save yourself" - Mark Shand

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    You will see us struggle but you will never see us give up - The Next Generation

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    Black Mamba – the world's first unarmed all women anti-poaching unit

The Perfect World Foundation is a Swedish-based non-profit organization with a global goal of supporting animals and nature in crisis and working for the environment. Our mission is to spread knowledge and awareness of the dire and difficult situation our planet's natural world are facing, in the hope of encouraging you and everyone else to take steps forward, along with us, in a more sustainable direction.

“No one is perfect ... just focus on being as good as you can be.”
- Ragnhild 'Rags' Jacobsson, Co-founder and CEO


Emergency appeal.
Please help us save and support wild animals at conservation and rescue projects greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic around the world. 100% of your donation goes directly to animal projects in crisis.

Support our work

As a non-profit charity organization we are completely dependent on your donations, sponsorship and your dedication to our cause, to be able to pursue our efforts to protect and preserve our planet's wildlife and nature.

Thank you for your gift, it means everything to us and planet’s wildlife and nature!

Upcoming Events 2020

In ambition to raise awareness and funds to support wildlife and nature projects around the world The Perfect World Foundation annually arranges several events.

The Prefect World Foundation's strategic 10-year plan from 2020 to 2030 is focusing on finding, stimulating and implementing solutions to protect our planet and create a sustanable future for generations to come.

During 2020 a number of events are planed, to find out more please see the Event Calendar. To make sure you’ll get an invite to our different events, all you need to do is to support our work by becoming a sponsoring partnermonthly donor or supporting member.

The Perfect World Award

Every year The Perfect World Foundation awards a significant person who has contributed to the conservation of our natural world. This person has also, maybe most importantly, contributed to increase global awareness about the importance of protecting our planet and its wildlife, to ensure a sustainable future for all its inhabitants. Awarded conservationists are:

  • Prince Albert II of Monaco (2020)
  • Miss Greta Thunberg (2019)
  • Sir David Attenborough (2018)
  • Dr Sylvia Earle (2017)
  • Dr Richard Leakey (2016)
  • Dr Jane Goodall (2015)
  • Mr Mark Shand (2014)

The Blue Bucket
– a global team of Ocean Cleaners

The Perfect World Foundation’s initiative The Blue Bucket has the aim of creating a global commitment to clean up our oceans by encouraging everyone to pick up plastic, and all sorts of other debris, from the ocean. The Blue Bucket itself is both a symbol for the campaign to raise awareness of the problems around the heavy pollution of our oceans, and a tool to collect plastic in. 

Every year more than 8 billion kilos of plastic end up in the ocean, but we are also close to 8 billion people on the planet – only one kilo of plastic picked up per person would mean that we literally could succeed in cleaning up our oceans. 

The Perfect World ambassadors joining the campaign as The Blue Bucket advocates, are the world-renown American marine biologist and oceanographer Dr Sylvia Earle and the Swedish Hollywood actor Joel Kinnaman. 

Save the Elephant

Increased demand for ivory and illegal trade has led to massive poaching. Experts estimate that 35,000 African elephants are killed each year.

Save the Ocean

70 percent of our blue planet is covered by oceans. Our seas have become a dumping grounds for plastics, industrial waste and lots of other debris and the marine ecosystems are adversely affected.

Save the Rhino

Our magnificent rhinos, with their prehistoric appearance, are tragically killed at a higher rate than new rhinos are born, and are seriously threatened by total extinction.

Latest news

In focus

Maria Nila donates SEK 500,000

Maria Nila donates SEK 500,000

Maria Nila donates SEK 500,000 to help 48 baby rhinos! A huge thank you to Maria Nila for their continuous support of The Perfect World Foundation. 

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Greta Thunberg is awarded TPW Award - The Conservationist of the Year 2019

Greta Thunberg is awarded TPW Award - The Conservationist of the Year 2019

Greta Thunberg will be the first Swedish person to be awarded the nature and animal organization The Perfect World Foundation's honorary award, The Perfect World Award, "The Conservationist of the Year".

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TEXEL in Swedish newspaper Göteborgs-Posten

TEXEL in Swedish newspaper Göteborgs-Posten

TEXEL Energy Storage, TPWF's sister company, got attention in Gothenburg-Posten on Sunday thanks to its unique battery solution that can change the entire energy market.

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TPWF plants 80,000 trees in Kenya

TPWF plants 80,000 trees in Kenya

The Attenborough Forest is The Perfect World Foundations global tree planting project. The first tree was plantet by Sir David Attenborough in The Botanical Garden of Gothenburg in September 2018, with the goal of planting 1 million trees.  

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The Perfect World Magazine

Nu kan du köpa vårt The Perfect World Magazine i webbshopen. I magasinet kan du läsa om The Perfect Worlds arbete, våra ambassadörer och de personer som stöder vår organisation. Dessutom finns det många spännande intervjuer och intressanta artiklar. Nr. 1 på svenska köper du HÄR och Nr. 2 på engelska köper du HÄR.

Expedition Svalbard

Den 15e Juni gick 2018 års resa till Svalbard tillsammans med TPWF ambassadören Ola Skinnarmo, för att lära sig mer om hur klimatförändringarna påverkar det Arktiska området och dess vilda djur.

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Conservationist of the Year

TPWF's utmärkelse som årligen delas ut tillsammans med priset "The Fragile Rhino".

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