The Perfect World Award

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    The Climate Conference 2018

  • 02

    The Ocean Ball

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    The Prince of Wales receives the award, after Mark Shands tragic death.

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    The Elephant Ball

  • 07

    Dr Jane Goodall- Conservationist of the year

The Perfect World Foundation's Award – “The Conservationist of the Year” and the prize – “The Fragile Rhino”.

Every year The Perfect World Foundation is awarding someone that has, not only been contributing in the field of animal and nature conservation but maybe more important been able to increase global awareness by communicating the need of conservation. The Board of Directors of The Perfect World Foundation with input from the earlier award winners is making the final decision to the nomination. The Perfect World's The Conservationist of the year is the only Scandinavian award to honor global conservation work.

The “Fragile Rhino” is a handmade unique crystal Rhino, made as one single exclusive piece per year, by the famous Swedish glass manufacturing company Orrefors which history bring you back to 1742.

Awarded Conservationists

Sir David Attenborough


Dr Syliva Earle


Dr Richard Leakey


Dr Jane Goodall


Mr Mark Shand


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