Sir David Attenborough, together with TPWF, planted the first tree, in what we call “The Attenborough Forest” or Canopy, in September 2018 in Sweden. Tree planting and protecting existing trees is a very effective way of reducing CO2, and TPWF intends to not only plant trees and forests but as well protecting existing areas from deforestation. The first goal is to plant and protect a million trees together with individuals and companies. CO2 is a global problem. The Attenborough Forest is a global tree planting or protection program, and includes trees and areas all around the world.  

Trees do not only reduce CO2, they also relieves our oceans, reduce desertification, and restores biodiversity and much more, and is much more effective than any artificial or human created CO2 technologies. The Perfect World Foundation is working together with carefully selected tree planting and protection projects around the world to optimize outcome and security.

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