For only $ 7, you compensate for a short flight of 1 hour. Tree planting is a concrete way of CO2 offsetting. Below are some tree planting facts to give an idea of how to count.

- A regular Swede accounts for between 4-6 tonnes CO2 per year depending on how to count.
- A tree absorbs 10-20 kg per year
- A tree costs between $ 1 - 6
- A tree can live between a few years after planting up to 1000 years, we expect approximately 15 years
- A flight releases about 486 kg / 1,000 km (about $ 9) per passenger

NOTE. All figures are based on flying economy class. If you fly Business or First Class, the number increases depending on how much extra space these seats account for in relation to Economy, but generally you can multiply all the numbers with 2.

Fill in the form below with the corresponding amount that you want to compensate for.

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