Green Mission

The Perfect World Foundation is helping animals and nature in crises, worldwide. As we are billions of people on this earth we have to co-excist with the few animals that still are wild, and work with conservation though many species are facing extinction. Since the start in 2010, TPWF has been focusing a lot on the illegal wildlife trade and the poaching of elephants and rhinos, where good results have been made. With everything from protecting animals, to rehabilitate and rescue and care for wounded or orphaned animals.

TPWF's Green Mission is to raise awareness about nature and animals in crises, such as endangered species or in any need. To protect and spread knowledge about how humans and animals can live together without harming eachother. 

As part of the Green Mission, TPWF has hosted two fundraising events and award ceremony's, Save the Rhino 2014 and Save the Elephant 2016. During Save the Rhino 2014, TPWF's yearly award, The Conservationist of the Year was for the first time announced, it was awarded to the late Mr. Mark Shand for his fantastic work to preserve the Asian Elephant. During 2015, no award ceremony was held, but the TPWF Award was awarded to Dr Jane Goodall during a private event for her amazing work for the chimpanzees. 

In 2016, TPWF hosted their second large award ceremony and fundraising event, Save the Elephant 2016. During this event the third TPWF Award was awarded to Dr Richard Leakey for his invaluable work for wildlife conservation in Kenya. 

Some of the efforts that TPWF has achieved through the Green Mission are: 

• Built fence at Imire - since 2014, no rhinos have been killed by poachers
• Helped Imire with over 100 volunteers since 2013
• Imire has several successful breeds of rhinos that now live in the wild
• We have ensured that 100 orangutans have been fed for one month
• We have contributed to moving 100 rhinos from South Africa to safer areas in Botswana
• We have contributed so that Black Mambas can patrol areas in South Africa to fight poaching
• We have helped save more than 600 sun bears
• We have contributed with a trailer to facilitate vaccinations of dogs in South Africa
• Contributed to educating young people in South Africa with a focus on conservation
• Contributed to countering conflict between people and animals in Kenya.
• Been a contributing factor to 46 units of "rangers" being able to patrol in Kenya and Tanzania to work against poaching
• We continuously reach over 1 million people to raise awareness of what is happening with animal and nature areas in crisis.
• We have funded secret investigations to counteract illegal trade of the Asian elephant
• We have ensured that the donkeys in Botswana have been given reflexes to avoid being hit by cars

Please join our work to make the world a better place for our animals!

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