Dr Richard Leakey
Awarded Conservationist 2016

Dr Leakey is probably the person on this planet who has done most for the African elephants, when he in the 1980´s turned the fast extinction to a growth within the elephant population. In 1989 Dr Leakey was appointed the head of Wildlife Conservation in Kenya by President Daniel Arap Moi. In 1993 he was in a plane crash where he lost his legs. Sabotage was suspected but could never be proven.

In 2001 Dr Leakey even wrote a book, Wildlife Wars: My Fight to Save Africa’s Natural Treasures. About his experiences at the helm of what had been the Wildlife Conservation and Management Department (WMCD) before the name was changed.

2015 President Uhuru Kenyatta once again appointed Dr Leakey to chair the KWS board (Kenya Wildlife Service).

The ivory trade had a worldwide focus in 2016, and TPWF participated together with Dr Richard Leakey on the largest ivory burning in history, in Nairobi, where tons of ivory were burned in protest against poachers and traders who are about to drive elephants to exctinction. On the last day of December 2017, China decided to ban the legal ivory trade and we belive the worlds elephants have a lot to thank Dr Leakey for that. 




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