Liz Taylor

Liz Taylor has been involved with DOER Marine from its inception and became President and CEO in 1994. The company designs and builds subsea robotic and manned systems for a variety of applications ranging from deep ocean exploration to critical infrastructure inspection. Through the work of DOER, Taylor has been involved in numerous projects relating to coastal restoration, water/waste water management, levees, and public access to the water. She is actively involved with several groups working on ocean plastics and methods for upstream/coastal capture of plastics. She served on the Deep Water Horizon Study Group at Cal Berkeley and continues to collaborate on Gulf restoration efforts.

She has participated in more than 60 scientific and educational ocean exploration projects including work with the California Academy of Sciences, National Geographic Society, Ocean Conservancy, BBC, Discovery Channel and The Explorers Club. She is a member of the Marine Technology Society, The Association of Diving Contractors and The Explorers Club. Taylor is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. She has authored a number of technical and natural history articles and white papers.

Liz is also a daughter of Dr Sylvia Earle.

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