Ludo Brockway

Ludo has worked as a cinematographer and producer for over 15 years. His passion for cinematography was instrumental in founding Broxstar Productions. 

Ludo has travelled the globe filming some of Earth's most wondrous moments; from spacelings (astronauts) to earthlings and everything in between. 

Whether it's filming in a Studio, the depts of a sweltering rainforest or the top of a blizzard torn mountain, you name it, he has done it.

Ludo is currently producing a global Feature Documentary called EATING OUR WAY TO EXTINCTION. The film, which contains leading global figures, will look at one of the most pressing issues of our time... environmental destruction, the western diet health epidemic and how this relates to animal agriculture. The film will present a comprehensive science-based solution to these problems - a shift towards the Plant-Based Lifestyle; it will create a powerful case for both individuals and the planet. This documentary is very timely!

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