Jytte Fredholm Ferreira

JYTTE FREDHOLM FERREIRA Ferreira is one of our current times great Wildlife photographers. Thanks to her ability to communicate with the wild animals she gets closer to them like no other.

Jytte has spent the bigger part of her life in Africa. With her base in South Africa she has explored some of the wildest parts of Africa and many other exotic places on our beautiful planet. Her absolute dedication and love for nature and wildlife is the red thread in her pictures. Her photographs literally speak directly to you through the eyes of its subjects. She is a regular contributor the prestigious Africa Geographic, has participated in a number of TV productions with Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Kika network, Swedish Television etc. and in her recently released book “ The heart of the soul” you can view some of her most loved photographs. Jytte has received several awards for her achievements within conservation and media.

As a conservationist, Jytte feels there is an absolute urgency to create greater understanding, love and appreciation between us and nature, for without it, our natural world and the wonders within will be lost…

“When asked what methods I use when shooting wildlife pictures, my answer is generally not of a technical nature. My success is mainly defined by the ability to communicate with the animals and, to attain the contact I seek with the animal´s inner essence and it´s environment. In the end it is the animal that leads the way, determining the outcome of our encounter and ultimately the messages that are expressed my pictures.”

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