Edin Dzanic

EDIN DZANIC – Art has always been a part of my family, with grandpa as a painter, uncle as painter and architect, and my brother allways drew a lot. So it was natural for me to try to copy what my older brother did, and doing so it turned out I also had talent for it. After completing various art educations after high school I decided to pursuit my creativity and study graphic design. Having realized that 9-5 was not really my thing I decided to invest a 100% on art and devote my life to creativity. I have now worked as a full time artist for 8 years, and it has been the best decision I have ever made.

Art has been a journey of discovery for me. I find inspiration in women and the female body, they are amazing and have so many variations, expressions and feelings. I paint with great passion, playfulness, and constantly look for a special sense of freedom in my painting. I want to encourage strength, self-confidence and freedom!

The Perfect World Foundation

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