CISTERNAS is a Swedish artist that likes to explore and depict the female/feminine form. In her art she is influenced by the great artists like Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt. She likes to use, experiment and create with different type of mediums, but she mostly works with acrylic paint, pencil, ink and the average everyday blue bic pen.

With her art she feels very inspired by music, movies, everyday situations, people, nature, history and popular culture in general.

Cisternas has had art exhibitions mostly in Sweden, but she has also exhibited artworks in Sydney, Australia and in Georgia, USA.

In her artwork “Blue flowers” Cisternas has taken inspiration from the Shakespearean character Ophelia, playing with the symbolism of the colour blue in art history and how it was a costly colour to use and instead using the very simple everyday blue pen. The title is an allusion to that blue flowers symbolises the beauty of things.

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