Anneli Särnblad Pederson

ANNELI SÄRNBLAD PEDERSON was born and raised in Orsa, Sweden,and treasures the presences of nature she had growing up, and still do. She now lives with her family in Lidköping. “I feel we all need to contribute to saving our amazing nature. We can all do something.”

In her art she wants to mirror nature and its magic. Feel its energy. Seize the day and live in the present. She wants to give people a moment of tranquillity to gather energy and strength.

Anneli’s work has been exhibited at several Swedish galleries such as Gallery Engleson in Stockholm, Gallery Arken Art Garden and Gallery Cosmopolitan in Göteborg and Gallery Engleson Malmö. She has also exhibited twice in Italy at the Gallery Spazio 40 in Rom.

The Perfect World Foundation

Phone: +46 31 17 00 00
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