Ragnhild 'Rags' Jacobsson

  • Co-Founder
  • CEO

Lars Jacobsson

  • Co-Founder
  • Chairman of the Board

Jan Westin

  • Scientific Director

Mats Säterberg

  • The Perfect Laywer

Sebastian Sandberg

  • CFO

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Zoë Christensen

  • TPWF Denmark

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Daniel Wilke

  • Marketing Director
  • Press Contact

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Marie Kjellsdotter

  • Editor in Chief
  • Communication Director

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Amanda Elmander

  • Sustainability Director

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Johan Elmander

  • Project/Event Team

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Camilla Jönsson

  • Project/Event Team

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Bethanie Carney Almroth

  • Scientific Advisor

Karin Funk

  • Event Team

  • Performing artist 

Jenny Lundahl

  • Event Team

Ulrika Dybler

  • Event Team

Helen Praetorius Herlitz

  • Volunteer

Maria Vallin

  • Volunteer

TPWF Team – Experts

Dr Sylvia Earle

  • Ocean Conservation

  • World-renown marine biologist and oceanographer

Kevin Richardson

  • Wildlife Conservation

  • Self-taught sanctuary owner, working with African Lions

Paula Kahumbu

  • Wildlife Conservation

  •  African Elephant

Ruth Ganesh

  • Wildlife Conservation

  • Asian Elephants

Mary Powys

  • Wildlife Conservation

  • Rhinos

Paul de Gelder

  • Ocean Wildlife

  • Sharks

Jill Robinson

  • Wildlife Rescue

  • Moon Bears

Liz Taylor

  • Ocean Conservation

Dr Rajendra K. Pachauri

  • Climate Expert

TPWF Team – Explorers

Ola Skinnarmo

  • Swedish Adventurer

  • First Swede to reach the South Pole

Annelie Pompe

  • Swedish Adventurer

  • World record freediver 

Robert Swan

  • British Adventurer

  • First person in history to walk to both the North and South Poles

Barney Swan

  • British Adventurer

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The Perfect World Magazine is a glossy cover, coffee table magazine full of inspiring stories about animals, people, our work and positive change. By purchasing our magazine you not only get hours of good reading, you are also supporting our work. Thank you for your support!

You can buy the English issue No.2 HERE or the Swedish issue No.1 HERE

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