Philip Ahlqwist

PHILIP AHLQWIST born 1977, is a Swedish visual artist, working across a range of media. Ahlqwist is best known for his minimalist landscape paintings and for his contemporary images with messages of tolerance, love, existence and reflections on the environment.

“The purpose of my art is to give an eye opening viewpoint on our world. Whether by interpreting experiences from nature, popular culture or human values, I want to create contemporary expressions, unexpected interactions between depth, shapes and colors, using innovative media technology.”

“The painting is captured from a personal experience watching the sunset on the island of Marstrand in late summer. The Sun was creating an out of this world color scheme, making a perfect gradient in the sky going into the water. It was as if heaven and ocean melted together, like a reminder that everything in this world is in the end connected to each other.”

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