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Event Calendar 2021

8 September, 2021

Climate AID World Forum

During Climate AID World Forum, 8–9 September, climate change issues and climate solutions will be put to light during inspirational talks by various well-known speakers.

Announced closer to current dates
Announced closer to current dates
11 September, 2021

Climate AID Concert

Performances with song and music by well known national and international artists are interspersed with talks by well known environmental and business profiles.

Gothenburg Opera, Sweden
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9 September, 2021

TPWF Award Banquet

The Perfect World Award is 2021 awarded Prince Albert II of Monaco. The event includes Award Banquet with dinner and entertainment at Börsen in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Börsen, Gothenburg, Sweden
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16 September, 2020

The Perfect Consumer Event

How can we continue to live the good life and at the same time be part of a more sustainable future? Well known profiles inspire and debate about sustainability, diet and consumption.

Radisson Blu Scandinavia, Gothenburg
9am – 3pm
14 September, 2020

Ocean Golf Tournament

The Perfect World Foundation organizes the “Ocean Golf Tournament” in the benefit of our oceans. You will get a chance to play the tournament with a well known profile in your team.

Hills Golf & Sports Club, Sweden
7:30am –