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The most deadly plastic in our oceans

More than 600,000 tonnes of ghost nets and lost fishing equipment end up in our oceans every year. This equipment, so-called ghost nets, can take up to 600 years to decompose, a process that secretes microparticles, and is the largest single contributing factor to microplastics in our oceans. Microplastics that eventually can end up on our plates.

Fishing equipment is designed to catch fish, which the lost equipment also continues to do, so-called ghost fishing. An infinite number of fish die every year and of course damage the world’s fish stocks, these ghost nets also affect hundreds of thousands, or perhaps millions (no one knows) of marine mammals and seabirds, who get caught in the nets and drown or starve to death.

PLASTIC COMPENSATE – together we can clean up our oceans

The Perfect World Foundation collaborates with Sweden’s first marine recycling center to collect and recycle retrived fishing gear. And also the center’s test bed for upcycling, reusing and recycling marine waste. Here, tests can be performed physically, but the physical test bed environment is also supplemented with an innovation environment where the business acumen of the tests can be developed. We are currently working on concluding agreements with divers for salvaging ghost nets, and are constantly working to spread knowledge and information to increase awareness and create engagement.

To work with all eight steps and clean up our oceans, we need support. Our work is 100% dependent on donations. With your support we can do more! Together we are “Ocean Cleaners”!

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