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The primary threat to the gorillas are habitat degradation and loss due to mining, logging and agriculture but other threats include poaching and diseases, most notably Ebola.

All gorilla subspecies are endangered and face serious threats to their survival. 3 out of the 4 subspecies are listed Critically Endangered.

Mountain Gorillas: Endangered, 1,004 remain. The Eastern Lowland gorilla, Grauer’s Gorillas: Critically Endangered, around 3,800 remain, has declined by ~75% in the past two decades. Western Lowland Gorillas: Critically Endangered, around 400,000 remain. Cross River Gorillas: Critically Endangered, around 300 remain.

The Perfect World Foundation’s campaign “Save the Gorilla” aims to support gorilla conservation efforts and spread awareness about the gorillas’ critical situation, to secure their future.

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