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Rhino horn powder has a higher price than gold on the black market

Our world’s rhinos, with their prehistoric appearance, are tragically killed at a higher rate than new rhinos are born. Rhinos are severely threatened with extinction, of the original 100 different rhino species there are only five species left. Over the past 40 years, the world has lost 95 percent of its rhino population, and today there are only about 25,000 rhinos left in the wild. The majority of rhinos (80 percent) live in South Africa, where over 1,000 rhinos are still killed by poachers for their horns, every year.

The demand for rhino horn has increased over the last 25 years, in the Far East horn powder is believed to cure colds, fever, headaches malaria and even cancer. In Vietnam wealthy people mix rhino horn powder with water or alcohol to make a general health and hangover tonic, and also believe that rhino horn can cure impotence and enhance sexual performance.

Rhino horn, which consists of keratin just like our nails and hair, has no magical healing properties and is no more medicinal than nail biting.


on average, three rhinos are killed every day in Africa, in the poaching of their horns.

there are only five rhino species left. Three in Asia and two in Africa.

two of the five rhino species have fewer than 80 individuals in the wild.

What we do…

If the rhino horn poaching continues at the present pace, the extinction of the world’s rhinos are too close. The Perfect World Foundation works with campaigns and events to spread knowledge and awareness about the vulnerable situation of rhinos. We are also involved in and support conservation projects and anti-poaching activities worldwide. Some examples of projects and events, in our work to save the rhinos:

  • Increasing security around certain extremely vulnerable rhino habitat areas with funding of communication equipment, fences, night vision binoculars, anti-poaching teams, guard and tracking dogs, and much more.
  • 2014 The Perfect World Foundation organized the fundraising gala “Save the Rhino”, in support of conservation organizations and projects that work to protect rhinos from poaching. Since 2014, our and other organizations’ joint efforts have contributed to, albeit a slow, steady increase the world’s rhino population.

  • We have contributed to the relocation of 100 rhinos from South Africa, a country hard hit by poaching, to safer areas of Botswana.

  • Anti-poaching team patrolling areas affected by poaching in South Africa.

  • We work with campaigns both nationally and internationally, to increase knowledge and awareness of the trade in rhino horns.

  • Contributing to funding 46 units of Wildlife Rangers who are patrolling in Kenya and Tanzania, to combat poaching.

The Perfect World’s efforts to stop rhino poaching will continue until the day when there is no longer any trade or poaching, and we are determined to ensure that that day will come well before the threat of extinction.

What you can do…

Find out and learn as much as you can about the rhinos’ severely vulnerable situation. Then share what you learned with friends and family – in conversation, on social media – knowledge is the way to change. Together we can make a difference.

When you are travelling or on holiday never purchases items and souvenirs made of rhino horn or rhino parts.

Become a monthly donor to support our work with animals and nature, every month, or make a donation. You can also buy the AVICII Bracelet or a Save the Rhino T-shirt in our web shop, to support our rhino campaigns. Donations and sponsoring partnerships are crucial for our continued work to save and preserve our fragile rhinos.

With us you can Volunteer Travel and get the chance to work with rhinos, and experience wildlife conservation projects around the world.