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Project Wildlife-SE


Throughout the years, The Perfect World foundation in cooperation with the Swedish professional and vegan haircare company Maria Nila has supported several wildlife causes and animal species in need of help. This year, Maria Nila together with The Perfect World Foundation, will spread knowledge about the Sea Turtles’ situation around the globe.

With water being one of the most important components in the hair care business, for this Friendly Year, Maria Nila together with The Perfect World Foundation has chosen to support one of the oldest animals living in it – The Sea Turtle. For over 150 million years, the oceans around the world have been the home of these majestic creatures. Several turtle species are today threatened by a diverse number of factors and a rapidly changing ocean environment. Some of these factors are natural, but more significantly, most of these factors are human-induced. Pollution, a significant number of plastics in the waters, fishnets and oil emissions are some of the many factors threatening the survival of the Sea Turtle.

It all starts with the Oceans

It’s estimated that each year 640,000,000 kg, or 640 000 metric tones, of discarded fishing equipment end up as “Ghost Nets” or “Ghost Fishing Gear” in the world’s oceans. Which is equivalent to the weight of 50,000 double-decker busses. Ghost Nets continue fishing for up to 600 years resulting in millions of killed marine animals and fish every single year. The nets also comprise more than 50% of all harmful microplastic in the water.

The Perfect World Foundation Project Ocean is about bringing awareness to these problems, protecting marine life from harm, and creating solutions to be implemented on a global basis to finally put an end to ocean plastic and Ghost Nets. Read more about the project here.

The Friendly Year of 2023 – Save the Sea Turtles

Maria Nila does not believe animals should be part of human vanity, and that it is important that we all work towards a friendlier world. Every year on November 1st, Maria Nila together with The Perfect World Foundation starts The Friendly Year; Maria Nila’s year-long charity program. The Friendly Year consists of a larger charity campaign during World Vegan Day as well as fundraisers throughout the year, that then result in a final donation.

From October 27th until November 10th, Maria Nila will be donating profits from to Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Center. Together, we can make a difference! Read more about the project. Read more about Maria Nila’s Friendly Year of 2023


In addition to reducing CO2 in the atmosphere – which benefits all life on earth – trees create habitats, fresh water, and food for wildlife. Trees also benefit biodiversity and the ecosystems in which wild animals live, giving them (and the entire ecosystem) better conditions to thrive. With our campaign “Plant a tree for me” you can plant trees in Attenborough Forest and get a Sea Turtle diploma … or maybe give it to someone who just like you and us – loves Sea Turtles!