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Tree planting fights climate change

In the Gothenburg Botanical Gardens, Sweden, during The Perfect World Foundation’s Climate Conference 2018, Sir David Attenborough planted the symbolic first tree in the organization’s global tree planting project. The goal is to plant one million trees to reduce atmospheric CO2 and the global warming of our planet. In honor of Sir David Attenborough, the project was named ‘Attenborough Forest’.

Planting trees is one of the most effective way to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the atmosphere. CO2 is released into the atmosphere through, among other things, the burning of fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas. Fossil fuels are formed by the remains of dead plants that once absorbed CO2 from the atmosphere, which when burned are released back into the atmosphere. New ways of absorbing CO2 are being researched constantly, but planting trees and biomass are still the most effective and natural way to absorb the gas to date.


Many other positive effects of tree planting

The Perfect World Foundation’s global tree planting project “Attenborough Forest” focuses on planting trees to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. But trees not only absorb CO2… tree planting also has other positive effects. Healthy forests improve air and water quality, provide wildlife habitats, stabilize soils, reduce desertification and create better conditions for biodiversity.

The Perfect World planting trees in Zimbabwe

Plant trees and become climate positive

The average carbon dioxide emission for a person living in the western world is 8,800 kilos of CO2 per year. By planting trees for SEK 100 per month, you can climate compensate your carbon footprint with 9,000 kilos of CO2 per year, and become climate positive!

Tree planting is almost a whole science in itself. There are about 60,000 different species of trees, all of which have different properties and varying ability to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2). Trees also grow in various places on earth, with different climates and growing conditions. Based on these conditions, it’s impossible to state exactly how much CO2 a tree absorbs, but it is possible to obtain an estimated answer.

We calculate that by planting trees you will compensate 7.5 kilos of CO2 for every Swedish krona. In other words, 7.5 kilos of CO2 x SEK 100 / month x 12 months = 9,000 kilos of CO2 / year = climate positive!

Climate compensate your air travel

By using The Perfect World’s ‘Emission Calculator’ you can accurately calculate the carbon footprint of your flights, and CO2 compensate with tree planting… but don’t forget, Business Class costs twice as much as you take up twice the space – the calculator will help you get it right.

Did you know…

… before the advent of agriculture, there were twice as many trees on Earth as there are now.
… 80 percent of our planet’s original forests have been devastated or destroyed.
… there are more than 60,000 different known tree species.
… by planting a tree in an open pasture the biodiversity of birds can increase from almost zero species to as many as 80 different ones.
… the world’s oldest tree is over 5,000 years old.
… trees are the longest living organisms on Earth.
… the trees in a forest can “talk” and share nutrients with each other via underground networks of soil fungi.

The Perfect World planting trees in Kenya


Our expert on trees

Jan Westin
Biologist and Scientific Leader