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Tree planting – to restore our planet.

Biodiversity is the key to life on Earth, it is an infinite and fine-tuned network where every species depends on others to survive. Planting trees benefit ecosystems and their biodiversity. Healthy forests also improve air and water quality, provide food, medicine and fresh water, create wildlife habitats, stabilize soil, and reduce desertification and forest fires.

Like all plants trees capture carbon form the atmosphere, and use it for growth, and some of that carbon enters the soil where it can stay for hundreds or even thousands of years. Trees simply help us fight global warming (the effect of climate change) by reducing CO2 in the atmosphere, and top of that it is an efficient and a 100% natural solution.

Attenborough Forest – to revive biodiversity and fight climate change.

Attenborough Forest – named in honour of Sir David Attenborough who planted the forest’s symbolic first tree – is The Perfect World’s global tree planting initiative. The project plants trees around the world, spreads awareness to increase knowledge, alongside efforts aimed at forest conservation.

Attenborough Forest is a global multi-purpose tree planting project with the joint outcome of reducing CO2 in the atmosphere. We plant trees to save the rainforests, restore mangrove forests, create wildlife habitats, bring knowledge, work and food to local communities, revive biodiversity and fight climate change.

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Climate positive by tree planting.
How does it work?

The average carbon dioxide emission for a person living in the western world is 8,800 kilos of CO2 per year. By planting trees for USD 10 per month, you can climate compensate your carbon footprint with 9,000 kilos of CO2 per year, and become climate positive!

Tree planting is almost a whole science in itself. There are about 60,000 different species of trees, all of which have different properties and varying ability to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2). Trees also grow in various places on earth, with different climates and growing conditions. Based on these conditions, it’s impossible to state exactly how much CO2 a tree absorbs, but it is possible to obtain an estimated answer.

We calculate that by planting trees you will compensate 75 kilos of CO2 for every US dollar. In other words, 75 kilos of CO2 x $10 / month x 12 months = 9,000 kilos of CO2 / year = climate positive!

Travel climate-friendly!
CO2 compensate your air travel.

By using The Perfect World’s Emission Calculator you can accurately calculate the carbon footprint of your flights, and CO2 compensate with tree planting… but don’t forget, Business Class costs twice as much as you take up twice the space – the calculator will help you get it right.


there are more than
60 thousand different
known tree species

80% of our planet’s
original forests has been
devastated or destroyed

forests and wetlands are the source of 75% of the world’s fresh water, that we humans need

The Perfect World planting trees for a healthier planet

Attenborough Forest – Tree Planting Collaborations


PARKSTER, together with The Perfect World Foundation, has planted 100,000 mangrove trees in Lamu County, Kenya. For over 100 years, mangrove forests have been used for coal and other local uses, which has led to large-scale degradation and deforestation in some areas. Together with the locals in Lamu County, we are helping to make Mangrove forests thrive again and store large amounts of CO2.